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Commercial Drone Training Introduction to Aerial Imagery using Drones

The relatively low costs of Drones has opened the door for
professional image production to a wider user base. However,
imminent changes to UK laws will have a far reaching impact
on almost every drone user in the coming months.

To operate a drone commercially in UK airspace you require
a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO). To obtain
this you need to demonstrate to the CAA (Civil Aviation
Authority) that you are capable of operating a drone safely
in UK airspace. This course provides you with the knowledge
of UK drone laws and the ability to carry out safe flight
operations that will be a requirement to fly.

In addition, this one day introductory course will give
participants relevant information about what is required to
start flight operations, as well as a chance to use industrystandard
image manipulation and video editing equipment
for the production of drone imagery.

Course Duration
1 day

Who Should Attend
Anyone considering using a drone for the purposes of aerial
imagery e.g. surveying sites and creating photography or
video production.

Neath College
Entry Qualifications

Summary of Outcomes
Identify the most appropriate drone equipment for own
aerial imagery production

Appreciate the legal and resource implications of using
drones for professional aerial imagery
Understand the training process required before
commercial drone operations are permitted to be carried
out in the UK.

Use Adobe Creative software to manipulate and edit drone

Course Cost 

150 eligable for SDF funing 0

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