Adjusting the text/font size

In Internet Explorer and Firefox, go to the menu View >Text Size to select a smaller/ larger font size. Alternatively, you can use CTRL- and CTRL+ to adjust the size of the display using the keyboard. Command+ and Command- on a Mac.

In Safari, go to View > Make text bigger/smaller.

Using access keys to jump to key pages

Access keys allow you to navigate to all the main sections of the website using only the keyboard.

To use them in Internet Explorer on a PC, press and hold the ALT key and then press the number you require, followed by the RETURN key.

If using Firefox, press ALT-SHIFT followed by the access key. On any browser on the Mac press CTRL and the access key.

The following access keys have been set up:


  • g - Graphic (full graphic version of website with images)
  • t - Text (text only version of website with no images)

Using a screen reader

The site is designed to work well with screen readers which are especially useful for blind visitors. Click the TEXT link at the top of the page to go to the text page; alternatively, use these Access Keys:

  • t - Text Only version
  • g- Graphic version

Magnifying the whole screen

Press and hold the CTRL button and the + or - keys or mouse scroll-wheel to magnify the screen. In Firefox and on Safari, this will make text size increase instead of general magnification (use Command+ and Command- on a Mac).

Using the tab key to jump to links

We have set up the site so that you can easily get to all our links and buttons using the Tab →׀ key on your computer. Tabbing will easily allow you to jump to the most important links and will work sequentially through form fields and tables. You can press SHIFT-tab to go backwards and press RETURN to 'click' the link.

Alternative descriptive image text

Where an image is significant and descriptive, we will always provide a text alternative which is readable by screen readers or by hovering over any image with the mouse.

Disability Discrimination Act

trainingwales aims to make the information it provides accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities.

While we aim to make this website accessible, if you require copies of the information on this site in an alternative format then please contact the Web Development Team to discuss your needs.

If you have any comments or suggestions on how we may improve the site then contact the Web Development Team.

Accessibility Statement

We are committed to providing a single website for everyone wishing to find information about the courses provided by training wales on the world wide web.

All web pages can be viewed in larger text by selecting 'View' in your Internet browser, then text size.

Web Pages are tested over a variety of line speeds to identify potential issues with display times.

Documents are provided in pdf (portable document format), as an alternative to html, where there is a requirement to print off a document which looks identical to a paper copy. In a few instances, a pdf is offered without an html alternative where it has proved difficult to convert tables or charts to html. It is not the policy of this site to provide information in pdf format, if you would like help accessing a pdf on this site please click Help with pdf.

If you have come across pages which you feel are not accessible, please let our Web Development Team know.

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