Management Training

Basic Safeguarding

Safeguarding should be a top priority if your business or organisation works with or around children, young people or vulnerable adults. Safeguarding helps develop the ability to
act on concerns of safety and wellbeing of children, young people and vulnerable adults.
This course will help to enforce your current Safeguarding Policies and/or help you write a policy for your organisation by giving you the knowledge required to do so.
Progression routes are available and all individuals who wish to increase their safeguarding knowledge may wish to take the Advanced Safeguarding course.
Course Duration
3 hours.
Course Location
Neath College and Afan College.
College certificate.
Entry Qualifications
Assessment Method
Attendance, interaction and discussion.
Course Content
This course covers the following topics:
- Understand your role in relation to Safeguarding
- Have knowledge of how to recognise different types of abuse
- Have an understanding of how to respond, record and report information in relation to abuse and neglect
Who Should Attend
Any individual working in a childcare setting, including schools, sports clubs, crèche, dance/stage schools and associations or any role whether paid or voluntary that works with children.

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