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Advanced Excel

Following on from the intermediate level Microsoft Excel course, this advanced course will continue to  develop & expand your skills in using the software. This course will teach more powerful features such as statistics manipulation & some programming topics.
Course Duration
1 day.
Course Location
Neath College.
Who Should Attend
This course is suitable for those who have an intermediate level of knowledge & experience using Microsoft Excel & wish to learn more advanced features & functions.
Method of Assessment
Internally assessed via controlled tasks.
Entry Requirements
There are no entry requirements yet it is recommended you have taken the beginners & intermediate course or have a good understanding of using Microsoft Excel.
Course Content
This course covers the following topics:
  • Absolute cell references
  • Naming/editing cells & ranges
  • Setting up entire workbooks with group editing
  • Using VLOOKUP & HLOOKUP statements to retrieve data
  • Editing lookups & ensuring accuracy in returned data
  • IF statements & calculations
  • Analysing data with the all new conditional formatting features
  • Sorting & filtering data
  • Setting up data validation to ensure data integrity
  • Attaching security to a spreadsheet
  • Selective protection i.e. protecting formulas while allowing data entry
  • Setting up & utilising templates
  • Creating, formatting & adding trend lines to charts
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