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Due to the current pandemic, delivering courses has had to change and adapt, therefore we have had to adapt the way we deliver training, upskilling and development to our clients and customers.

We want to make sure your business is aware of available courses in a variety of different areas. If you have staff members who are currently on furlough or are working from home and wish to develop their skills, they may be interested in undertaking an ILM course. Learn valuable management, leadership and coaching techniques with a range of online training resources. These are available accredited or non-accredited per workbook.

There are various workbooks available covering a range of leadership and management topics at different levels to suit all needs and requirements. Each unit can make up an ILM qualification at full at Level 2, Level 3 or Level 4.

These workbooks are available and ready for you to learn and upskill at your own discretion.

ILM Workbooks available:

Workbook 1: Managing Relationships at Work

Workbook 2: Managing Inclusively
Level 2: Diversity in the Workplace
Level 4: Managing Equality & Diversity in Own Area

Workbook 3: Managing Staff Performance
Level 2: Improving Performance of the Work Team
Level 3: Understanding Performance Management
Level 4: Motivating People in the Workplace

Workbook 4: Managing Staff Development

Workbook 5: Managing Meetings
Level 3: Understand How to Lead Effective Meetings
Level 4: Managing Meetings

Workbook 6: Manage Team Conflicts
Level 2: Understanding Conflict Management in the Workplace
Level 3: Understanding Conflict Management in the Workplace
Level 5: Managing Stress and Conflict in the Organisation

Workbook 7: Managing Change
Level 2: Understanding Change in the Workplace
Level 2: Understanding Innovation and Change in an Organisation
Level 3: Planning Change in the Workplace
Level 3: Understanding Innovation and Change in an Organisation
Level 4: Managing and Implementing Change in the Workplace

Workbook 8: Managing Collaboration
Level 5: Partnership Working

Workbook 9: Managing Projects
Level 2: Managing Workplace Projects
Level 3: Managing Workplace Projects
Level 5: Managing Projects in the Organisation

Workbook 10: Managing Budgets
Level 3: Understanding Costs and Budgets

Workbook 11: Managing Risk
Level 4: Managing Risk in the Workplace

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