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Level 3 Award & Certificate in Training, Assessment, Quality, Assurance (TAQA)

Description: This certificate is one of the Award & Certificate in Training, Assessment, Quality, Assurance Qualifications (6317). It is for staff looking to gain entry toroles in assessment; this qualification replaces the Assessor Award which expired 31/12/2010 Summary of Outcomes: Stage One – 1 full day Workshops (10.00am –16:00pm) Introduction to the award and to assessment requirements How to plan for assessment How to assess candidate's performance and knowledge against national standards How to record and process assessment decisions How to standardise assessment decisions Stage Two – Demonstrating Assessment Skills: This stage takes place in the Assessor Candidate’s workplace. The Assessor Candidate is assessed planning and undertaking assessments and completing assessment records with Mentor. Course Duration: Three half day Workshops, plus an on-site assessment. Length of programme varies according to candidate’s requirements – 9 months maximum. Who should attend: This qualification is for people who carry out assessment roles in their organisation to develop and improve their practise as well as achieve a professional qualification for the role Entry Qualifications: Applicants must have the following: PGCE or PCE PCET Vocational competence in the area they wish to assess Access to candidates who are undertaking QCF or NVQ qualifications and be part of an accredited centre Mentor Assessor Method of Assessment: Assessor Candidates prepare a small portfolio demonstrating their competence asan Assessor. Assessor Candidates are also observed in their workplace carrying out assessments and giving feedback to their candidates, by Course Tutor/Assessor Candidate must have occupational competency in qualification they are assessing Be part of an assessment Centre and have access to at least 2 candidates to be assessed Candidate to have access to a A1 Assessor/ Mentor and assessment decisions mustbe countersigned by an A1 Assessor Choose from the Options listed below. Option 1 Assessing Competence in Work Environment: Unit 301 - Level 3 – Award in Knowledge and Understanding – 3 Credits Unit 302 - Suitable for those Practitioners who are Assessing Competence in the Work Environment – for those who observe or examine work products, oral questioning and discussion. – 9 credits. Option 2 Assessing Vocational Skills/Workshop/Classroom environment: Unit 301 - Level 3 - Knowledge and Understanding – 3 credits Unit 303 - Suitable for Practitioners who are assessing vocationally related situations, classrooms or workshops and who assess in simulated environments, and apply skills tests, assignments, projects etc. Option 3 Assessing Both of above Assessing Vocational Skills and Knowledge: Unit 301 - Level 3 - Knowledge and Understanding – 3 Credits Units 302 and 303 - Suitable for Practitioners who need to be qualified to use all of the above listed assessment methods.

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