Commercial Drone Training - Determining the Business Benefits of Using Drones

Should your organisation invest in drones or outsource? 
To operate a drone commercially in UK airspace you require a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO). To obtain
this you need to demonstrate to the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) that you are capable of operating a drone safely in
UK airspace.
This course provides you with the knowledge to evaluate and build a business case for investment in drones (due to the
vast cost savings available in using drone technology) or determine if it would be better to outsource the equipment
and operatives. This course also enables learners to understand the requirements of gaining the PfCO.
Progression Opportunities
All individuals who wish to increase their drone knowledge and operational skills may wish to undertake a formal PfCO
course or take our 1 day Introduction to Aerial Imagery Using Drones course.
Course Duration
1 day.
Neath College and Newtown College.
Entry Requirements
Method of Assessment
Assessed via question and answer.
Who Should Attend?
Persons responsible for procurement or financial implications of purchase of training or equipment for any organisation
wishing to use drone technology. This course applies to a wide range of sectors as drone technology can be utilised for a variety of applications.
For example, anyone who either commissions or carries out inspections across a wide range of sectors including
construction, infrastructure, property, utilities, mining, maritime and emergency response etc.
Course Content
This course covers the following topics:
- Understand the financial and business case for using drones for inspection
- Appreciate the legal and resource implications for either in-house or externally sourced inspections
- Investigate the range of sensors available for imagery to include visual, thermal, multispectral and Lidar
College certificate.
Course Cost
150 per person.
Freephone:0330 818 8003

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